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5 reasons why you should perform umrah


Every year, millions of Muslims from all around the world gather in front of the Holy Kaaba to perform umrah.


This gathering will increase the unity among us and remind us that we are all brothers and sisters.


Umrah is considered a “minor pilgrimage” whereas Hajj is considered a “major pilgrimage” it is sunnah to perform umrah, moreover, it’s a nonobligatory act.


Umrah can be performed throughout the year, there is no fixed time for that except during the time of Hajj, Muslims from all around the world are advised to perform umrah once in their lifetime, not only once you can perform as many you wish to do if Allah has given you wealth use that in good deeds.

Umrah is the way to purify the mind and soul filled with sins. Since the journey is sacred and holy, it has some benefits as. Let's read them one by one.


  • You will be the guest of Allah. Yes, if you are performing umrah in Makkah, you will be considered a guest of Allah. I think this is a great benefit that anyone can ask for. 


  • You will have a chance to seek forgiveness for your sins, Ibn Abbas (RA) said: “Perform Hajj and Umrah consecutively; for they remove poverty and sin as bellows removes impurity from iron.”


It is the most important benefit. It is considered one of the best good deeds that one can perform, Umrah is the only sunnah that Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) performed twice in his entire life.


  • You will have a chance to strengthen your iman. It is like we will lose our Iman little by little in this hectic world, our faith is weakened as we commit multiple sins without even realizing it.


 An Umrah performed with pure intentions only for the sake of Allah Almighty's benefit and performed without error brings a person undoubtedly closer to Allah SWT.



  • Umrah eliminates poverty, Yes, it is one of the best rewards of Allah (SWT) that one can get is the elimination of poverty.



Allah recompenses the pilgrims for the money they have spent on the arduous spiritual journey of Umrah by gifting their wealth, even though you may not become wealthy immediately after performing Umrah, you will receive barakah throughout your life. 


  • It purifies the soul, when a person makes an intention to perform umrah his intention must be true, or if he did umrah then his soul will be pure again like it was at the time of his birth.


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