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Mount Uhud is a mountain in what is today northwestern Arabia. It is about 1,100 meters high and has a base circumference of approximately 27 kilometres. So it’s a pretty massive mountain, which on its own is impressive enough, but it also has historical significance.

Mount Uhud is most known for being the site of the Battle of Uhud, which took place in 624 CE. The battle was fought between the Muslim army, led by the Prophet Muhammad, and the Meccan army. 

The Muslims were initially successful in the battle, but they were eventually defeated. The Prophet Muhammad was wounded during the battle, and many of his companions were killed. The Battle of Uhud is significant in Islamic history as it is seen as a turning point in the early Muslim community's struggle against oppression. This iconic mountain still stands in all of its glory today, and visitors can hike up and stand on the very grounds that Muslims of that era stood on and fought through. A must-visit for anyone visiting Madinah! 

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