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A complete guide of Tawaf


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Once you are done with Ihram, niyya, and salah then head towards the holy mosque of Allah before starting the tawaf we shall know what is tawaf.

The word Tawaf means ‘ to walk around’.Ta’if is a person who performs Tawaf, Tawaf is one of the Islamic rituals of pilgrimage in which taking 7 rounds of Kabah in an anti-clockwise direction.

Each round is called “Shawt”.When a person performs tawaf, he or she becomes a part of the development of reality and the purpose of existence.

It is a constant reminder of their close relationship and staying obedient to Allah. There are some important rules that you should know. Let's discuss that in detail.


At first, start reciting Talbiyah ( LABBAYK-ALLAHUMMA UMRAH ) and go towards the black stone (starting point to perform tawaf), and uncover your right shoulder (for men). When you reach near the black stone, tell Allahu Akbar or Bismillahi Allah hu Akbar.

Then start doing your tawaf from black stone. Tawaf consists of 7 circuits. In the first 3 circuits, the pilgrim walks fast which is called Ramal and that is only for men if they are willing to do so and that is not for women.


During the tawaf, he/she can recite a zikir in remembrance of Allah. While coming near to the Yemeni corner ( the corner before the black stone ) it is sunnah to touch it with your hand without kissing it.

It is also a sunnah that from the Yemeni corner from there onwards until reaching the black stone (Hajar al- Aswad) read this dua 




After reaching near the black stone you have completed the first circle of tawaf, now you will face the Blackstone with your hand pointing to it and say,  Bismillah Allah hu Akbar or Allahu Akbar for the second round 


Now you would make any dua while performing tawaf, like the first one when you reach the Yemeni corner from there until black stone you will recite this dua 



You will follow the same circuit 7 times. It is not permissible to perform tawaf inside Hijr Ismail as is the part of kabah, if you enter in Hijr Ismail it is considered an incomplete tawaf.


At the end of the seventh circuit, you will not raise your hand as it does only at the start of the circle.


After this cover, your right shoulder goes behind Maqam Ibrahim (the standing place of Ibrahim Alaihissalam) and performs 2 raqqah salah. At first recite surah fatiha one can recite surah Al-Kafiroon in the first raqqah and surah Al-ikhlas  in the second raqqah 


After praying two raqqah on the way drink the water of ZAMZAM as instructed by Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam.

This is how you will complete your tawaf and move towards the 3rd fundamental pillar of umrah.

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