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A complete guide of Ihram

In the last blog, we have explained what umrah and meeqat are. Here are four pillars of umrah you need to know

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Now let's discuss what is ihram and its importance 

The word ‘Ihram’ means to make something forbidden or haram.  It refers to a state of purification both in mind and body when a pilgrim performs umrah or hajj. Ihram is the two pieces of unstitched cloth worn by male pilgrims while performing umrah or hajj. And it is mandatory for all Muslims especially for men to wear ihram, an individual who is in a state of ihram is called a Muhrim (inhibited from doing certain things).

You should enter into the state of ihram before crossing meeqat point, if not you are responsible for cutting an animal and distribution its meet among the poor people of the harm

After you've gained an understanding of ihram and its importance, we'll move on to the major things you should do before ihram

Being an important aspect of the pilgrimage, not everyone is aware of how to wear Ihram for Umrah. Before wearing Ihram, pilgrims must:

  1. Take ghusl or perform wadu, which is the act of cleansing the body.
  2. Ghusl must be followed by the applying of fragrance or Itar.
  3. It is then necessary to trim the nails.

Ihram for men

Wearing the clothes of ihram the upper body cover cloth is called as Rida and then the lower body cover is called as izar, head for men should be uncovered and for footwear, you can wear sandals or slippers. 

Ihram for women 

They can wear any normal clothes except a niqab and gloves. Here hijab is mandatory and you cannot apply any type of fragrance or makeup while performing umrah.

As soon as you get into the state of ihram recite your intention (niyya) Talbiyah LABBAYK-ALLAHUMMA UMRAH, and then it is sunnah to perform 2 raqqa nafil ‘salah-al ihram’. After entering into a state of Ihram certain things are forbidden during ihram let’s understand those one by one 

  •  It is impermissible to cut his hair and nails 
  • Perfuming the body or cloths of ihram 
  • Covering head 
  • Wearing stitched clothes 
  • Having intimate relationship or caress with lust 
  • Conclude a marriage contract or propose to a women

Once you are done with niyya and Talbiyah, recite darud sharif and make dua in Arabic or in your own language. Then start your journey towards Makkah (the holy mosque), keep reciting Talbiyah throughout the journey, and once you reach there perform your umrah! 

The concept of Ihram indicates that God treats all people equally, during the Day of Judgment, Allah will judge a person based on their deeds and not their wealth. All should sacrifice themselves for Allah regardless of their social status.

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