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Tahallul is the fourth pillar of Umrah and this is the final step in Umrah after Ihram, Niyya, Salah, Tawaf, and Saee.


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After the completion of Saee, pilgrims must perform certain activities to terminate their ritualistic state of Umrah.

In that Tahallul is the last step, so keep reading the blog to learn more about it..


‘Tahallul' in Arabic means (discontinuing the ceremonial state of Umrah/Hajj). It is the permission to come out from the state of Ihram or release from the prohibition of ihram unless you perform this crucial step you will be in the state of Ihram.


 If the hair should be shaved or trimmed or cut. It is a question of how much should be cut or trimmed off. Here's what we can find out.


In order to complete the ritual, even if you do not have hair, run a razor over your head, as part of Umrah, you must shave or trim your hair. This is one of the obligatory acts of Umrah.

In the case of men, they need to shave their heads, Women should cut their hair all the way down to the length of their fingertips (1-2 cm). If a pilgrim shaves his head, they are exempt from all Umrah prohibitions, and their Umrah will be accepted.


The act of shaving or cutting hair symbolically detaches themselves from physical appearances and becomes completely attached to Allah.


We pray that Allah almighty will accept all the rituals of umrah and reward us to the fullest extent possible.


As your Ihram restrictions have now been lifted, you can wear regular clothing again. If you wish to perform another umrah you can, but you must travel to the meeqat boundary.


Most people will choose Masjid Aisha as their meeqat boundary. If you need to go to Masjid Aisha for your second Umrah transportation facilities will be available.


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