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Taif is one of the most important historical cities in the Makka province of Saudi Arabia. The healthful weather, fruits, and spectacular beauty come to mind when thinking about Taif. Because of the abundance of roses in the city, it is also referred to as the City of Roses. Pilgrims and visitors from all over the Arabian Peninsula come to visit the city of Taif. In addition, Taif has a rich history that goes back to when the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) invited the people of Makkah to accept Islam.

When the leaders of Quraysh rejected to accept Islam and started torturing those who did, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) wanted support and shelter for the Muslims beyond the city of Makkah. Taif is around 86 kilometers away from Makkah, and the Thaqif tribe inhabited it at that time. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) hoped to spread the message of Islam to the people of Thaqif.

However, upon reaching Taif, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) spoke to the leaders of the tribe one after another for ten days. Unfortunately, the leaders of Thaqif were not ready to give the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) a word of encouragement. Instead of accepting Islam, they rejected the message Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) brought them.

Unfortunately, the Thaqif were highly insulting to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Not only did they deny the message of Islam, but they also pelted stones at the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The Thaqif wanted to drive him out of their town. They finally drove him out of Taif. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) got out of town and found an empty orchard to take shelter in.

Prophet Muhammad stopped on a rock and started to pray to Allah. Allah responded to the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) prayers and sent Angel Jibreel, who asked him that if he wished, Allah could order an angel to collapse two mountains surrounding Taif and crush the Thaqif as consequences of their insulting actions. However, prophet Muhammad (PBUH) showed kindness and did not ask Allah to punish the people.

The orchard owners saw him praying and sent a slave with grapes. They were related to the Quraysh but offered the grapes to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as food for a traveler.

The slave, Addas, served the Prophet (PBUH) grapes. When the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked him where he was from, he found out that he was aware of the place he belonged to. Addas kissed the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) hands and embraced Islam. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) showed great mercy to the people who drove him out of their town until his feet bled, making it an important event in Islamic history. offers visits to the historical city of Taif with stress-free booking. You can book the visit directly on the website at very competitive prices. offer vehicles for everyone, whether it is an economy car, a 49-seater coach for groups, or luxury SUVs for VIPs. Our cars are the latest models which are fully insured and have experienced drivers. For stress-free booking and tours, please visit our website and submit your request via our contact us page.

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